Shortage of small change in Novo Mesto

"Nikar ne zadržujte drobiža!"
Do not keep back small change!

This was a headline in Dolenjske novice (newspapers from Novo Mesto) on 23 April 1915.

The article is about severe shortage of small change in Novo Mesto and surrounding areas. They explained that people thought it is hold back by government and complained about it because it was very hard to buy anything without having proper small change. Finally it was revealed that actually people keep back those coins at home. They also mentioned that it would be undestandable to keep gold but nickel and copper had no really sense.

The other part of the article is about complains regarding Austro-Hungarian bank, which was responsible for issuing paper money. They did not like that paper money were not state notes but only "some" obligations of Austro-Hungarian bank.

The inscription on note says: Municipality of Novo Mesto pays during the time of small change shortage until retraction in exchange for this note 20 vinarjev.