"Blockbuster" notes

Rare notes very well known to collectors' community do not need any additional advertisement or explanation. Let's look at some of them in this post but I assume it is more interesting to speak about those which could be under the radar. Therefore in next blog posts I will focus on those "hidden" treasures.

1) Fiume/Rijeka municipality notes 1848-9 (Lots 79-82)

There are four these beauties topped by this 10 Carantani 1848 with both signatures - Camarra and Politeo. Notes were issued in the time of Ban Jelačić rule in Croatia. During 1848 uprising he sent Josip Bunjevac to Rijeka to capture it for Croatia. He did it on 31.8. and was proclaimed Ban's commissar of Rijeka.

2) 4000 Kruna on 1000 Dinara 1919 (Lot 704) and 100 dinara proof (Lot 703)

Both are from Paris nevertheless the printing of this first issue for Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes has been divided between Zagreb, Prague and Paris. It also clearly shows what was the exchange rate of Austro-Hungarian crown to Serbian dinar at that time (4:1)

3) 100 Perpera 1912 (Lot 335)

Largest denomination of the first issue of Kingdom of Montenegro printed in Prague. Introduction of paper money was a move to strenghten the position of transformed principality to kingdom in 1910 but it did not take very long until Austrian army ocuppation (1916-1918) de facto ended this short-lived kingdom for ever.

4) 500 Kuna 1943 (Lot 113)

This note has never been in circulation but was intended to be released by Hrvatska državna banka during WWII.

5) 50 Dinara 1950 (Lot 796), 100 Dinara 1949 (Lot 792) and 1000 Dinara 1953 (Lot 829)

Selection of the top examples not released for circulation by National bank of FNRJ, which were printed between 1949-53.

1000 Dinara has not been known by collectors to exist until beginning of 21st century.

6) 10 Socijalnih dinara 1945 (Lot 395)

When Montenegro was liberated the social dinars were introduced for a very short time to bridge the gap caused by delayed delivery of official currency from Soviet Union.

Thanks for your interest and I will be back with more posts.

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