15 kreuzer 1811 from Darda (Lot 60)

I would like to start my posts about hidden treasures by this extraordinary note with touch of very well known noble family - Esterházy von Galántha.

In 1749 Empress Maria Theresa of Austria donated Darda estate to Esterházys. It is located few kilometers away from Osijek in Eastern part of today's Croatia. They owned it until 1841.

In 1811 Count Johann (Ivan) Nepomuk Casimir Esterházy (1775-1829) lived in Darda - you can see his initials on right side in the circle - JCE. On the left side it is probably his mother Barbara Marie Castiglione Esterházy (1755-1842) - BCE.

The inscription at back says: "Zahlbar in der Gräflich Herrschaflichen Rentamts-kasse zu Darda", which means - Payable in treasury office of counts and nobility in Darda. In the centre between initials you can also see Esterhazy coat of arms with griffin holding a sabre and flowers. Below I attached better example of their coat of arms for comparison purposes.

It is not quite clear when exactly their large mansion was built in Darda (picture below). One hypothesis of historians is that actually Count Johann Nepomuk Casimir finalised it in 1812/3. And I definitely believe it because then I could invent one more hypothesis - Esterházys did fundraising using these notes to be able to finish their mansion in Darda. Well, probably not - given the three known denominations in kreuzer:-). Anyway who gets this note into a collection can invent his/her own hypothesis or visit Esterházy archives and find out some evidence (I have not managed to get any).

Thank you for your interest and please stay tuned. I will continue posting paper money stories.