Quite an Empire

Population over 51 million according to census of 1910. In Austria (officially The Kingdoms and Lands Represented in the Imperial Council) it was 28,5 mil. and in Hungary (officially Lands of the Crown of Saint Stephen) nearly 21 mil., and remaining 2 mil. in annexed Bosnia and Herzegovina. At that time only one European state was more populated - German Reich with 65 mil. people, both leaving behind Great Britain and Ireland (45 mil.), France (40 mil.) and Italy (35 mil.).



There were many languages spoken in monarchy and we have precise numbers of speakers but unfortunately (as it is valid for all statistics) distorted by different approaches of data collection (in Austria people answered what is their everyday language, in Hungary what is their mother language, in Austria Serbs and Croats are one group, in Hungary there are split, etc.). Nevertheless it is very fascinating even if we take it as indicative.



Czech or Moravian

Croatian or Serbian     






Italian or Ladin

12 million

10 million

6.5 million

5.6 million

5 million

4 million

3.2 million

2 million

1.3 million

0.8 million

Detail of 1 Krone 1916 - German and Hungarian were used for main design but denomination was in all languages. From top to bottom: Czech, Polish, Ruthenian (Ukrainian), Italian, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian. Oh my! Where is Slovak? 

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